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Biohacking. Madness or a new approach to productivity?

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Biohacking. Madness or a new approach to productivity?

What is Biohacking in your own potential? Is it a realistic approach or a distant future? What are the specific and effective applications to our daily lives? Is this approach for everyone or only for ambitious people? Read my journey of experimentation and try 5 proven Biohacks that have changed my life for the positive. I believe they can do the same for you.

What is Biohacking and why it fascinates me

The definition of Biohacking is based on a systemic approach and taking control of one’s own energy, performance and health. Biohackers are types of people who think analytically and critically and prefer learning based on their own experiments and experiences. Biohackers do not blindly follow different authorities, but focus on constantly searching for knowledge and evaluating cause and effect. Since there is never a single cause, a Biohacker’s main goal is to create a system that creates order out of chaos.

Biohacking can be defined as:

A systemic and critical approach to one’s own biology that constantly optimizes and re-evaluates internal and external influences and their effect on energy, mental performance, overall health and general wellbeing.

Example: You feel sleepy and don’t want to write a new blog article (imagine any other job). You have a selective double shot power espresso and your brain suddenly turns on.  The question you ask yourself … What helped me kick my brain, my creativity? It was probably coffee! Do I feel the same way after tea, chocolate, a croissant, cake, etc … ???

Lesson: What I give to my body and brain matters. This process has fascinated me for several years now! I simply believe that I have full control over my energy, moods, motivation and overall health. I’m not perfect because knowledge is never enough! Action, application and consistency in my decisions are decisive. However, if I make the right decisions for my productivity and wellbeing, things work. If not, I get feedback from my body and brain quickly.

Biohacking is the art and science of changing the environment around you and inside you, so you have more control over your own biology,”  “It’s what you put in your mouth, it’s the air you breathe, it’s the light you’re exposed to. Most people have twice as much energy potential, but they’re doing hundreds of small things that hold them back.”

Dave Asprey, Founder of Biohackers Biggest Conference

What affects my day?

I believe you were not scared of a complex mind map, but you see it more as an opportunity to realize what all affects our daily energy performance and health. However, I would start easier and start thinking mainly about the 4 key areas that most affect our productive days.

From experience, I think you will agree with me – emotions and mental settings are often more important than the maximum details in nutrition or training. Let me just remind you that in emotions, or positive mental settings, Biohacking relies on the latest scientific knowledge of psychology, meditation and improving brain performance, which is based on several studies, tested and functional. Take no esoterics, but a structured approach to personal development, knowledge of one’s own identity, life mission, or ability to meditate for calming and classifying the mind and better coping with stress. Biohacking always represents a strong Internal Locus of control. Thus, the biohacker does not complain about stress that he cannot influence or against other people. Biohacker solves what the best approach to reality is and how best he designs his life according to his own ideas. My little guide is here. Nutrition and overall lifestyle is, of course, critical and very important. However, without the initial correct setting of the mind and working with one’s own fear and emotions, it loses significantly in effect. Why? Because even if you get the best manual, advice, or instructions such as removing crazy sweet tastes and you don’t believe it yourself, or you don’t link it to your beliefs and identity, then nothing will come from it.

More on this topic in this article: “Most people have a vision of an effective lifestyle, but few believe it!”

Where to start / my 5 verified “Biohacks”

Before you begin, please read the disclaimer at the end of the article. In the first point, it is important to say realistically that you do not expect immediate miracles from my recommendations. As I mentioned, a consistent application and custom mini-experiments always decide. And of course, your full responsibility, when you need to evaluate your individuality and choose the right doses, ratios, or pace.

Example: If you haven’t swum in freezing water yet, of course you’ll be cursing at me when you catch a cold on the first try. I also swear when I play the tough guy and go give a 60 km mountain bike along the Vihorlat ridge at the pace of domestic fighters.

1. Biohack: Minimize kryptonites, maximize Powerfoods

Kryptonites are not just about food, but they are all things that take your energy … For starters, I recommend starting right there. White sugar, flour, processed foods, various sweets, unnecessary carbohydrates, individual allergies or intolerances all do not really contribute to our energy.

On the contrary, honest and quality unprocessed foods, vegetables, good fats, quality protein and selected carbohydrates + some special foods, quality coffee, tea, chocolate … All this contributes to energy.

2. Biohack: Supplement with at least essential vitamins and minerals

Supplements are a complex topic and there is a lot of controversy over whether you need them or not. I think that when you are at ease on holiday, catching D3 from the sun and eating fresh Thai or Mediterranean food, for example, you do not need accessories. But if you are moving towards mental and physical commitment and performance, or you need to regenerate and strengthen your immunity faster, you will have a great wall. Personally, I work on the basic package of Omega 3 + Vitamin D3 + Magnesium and Zinc, and according to the mental feeling and training, I add a dose of BCAA, creatine and b-cell.

From the other highly effective products, I can currently recommend this Essential Package. Buy it on the site of a modern primitive man.

3. Biohack: Optimize your sleep

I know! You hear about it all the time, you know about it, but the reality is still different … Here I admit that I also fail regularly and I take it as my biggest weakness. As a rule, sleep does not have to be 8 hours, rather it must be of good quality. The most important thing is to eliminate blue light and calm the mind. The diary can be a miracle and I guarantee that you will sleep better if you write the day and your stresses on paper. A bedroom without wifi, light and exaggerated heat is a “must have”.

In my opinion, the biggest problem are ambitious people, who still believe that they will have time to finish of a few emails by midnight or to complete the presentation. Another group with poor sleep are lovers of evening drinks and, last but not least, breastfeeding mothers. Biohacking sleep will definitely help the first two groups. So far, I have only admiration for breastfeeding mothers and I haven’t come up with it yet. I thought I’d give our baby some magnesium tonight, but hasn’t been approved so far.

4. Biohack: Regularly harden and train conscious breathing

If I said don’t expect miracles from Biohacking, then when I harden and consciously breathe, I dare say that they can happen! The proof is the Iceman Wim Hoff himself, who not only “hacked” himself and his immunity, but also managed to teach his clients in 20 days and replicate the previously impossible! The impossible is a targeted influence of one’s own immunity, which, thanks to training, was able to manage and eliminate the injected endotoxin during the test.

Personally, for me, hardening is a type of meditation where I train conscious breathing. It significantly helps me not only to strengthen my immunity (I get sick so once a year), but also in muscle regeneration and overcoming my own fear and limitations. I can no longer imagine a morning without an ice shower, which will not only take over immediately, but as the first thing of the day will mentally remind me that I can overcome my own comfort and accept discomfort. If you are looking for certified trainers of this method in Slovakia, I recommend Martin “Way” Thám.

5. Biohack: Find at least one method of meditation that suits you

For many years I had meditation associated with esoterics! Sometimes I tried something, then speculated on yoga… that it might enlighten me… He tried to turn off my mind, until I gradually realized that I could probably meditate best in sports. Whether it’s swimming, where I count regularly on the breath, ice hockey or MTB downhill, where I have to focus 100% on the game or trail. However, I discovered one new 6-phase approach, where the mind does not turn off, but positively tunes and works with visualization.

I really recommend you to try this. I believe that you will begin to see the world differently and consciously attract opportunities and positive things. I’ve been doing pretty well lately.

An extra biohack that I like the most

You’ve probably heard from me about my most productive breakfast of POWER coffee with butter and MCT. I know it’s not standard, but for those who like coffee, give it a try. In the Biohacker community, we make a great deal of it and at the same time it really tastes great. See the full breakfast refund article for more detailed information.

What else will surely help you?

A common problem of change is the fear that you have to be perfect and everything you have to master. I apply 2 strong rules to it, which always work for me.

1. Pareto Rule 80/20.

Don’t do everything at once, eliminate and focus on 20% of the causes for 80% of your effect. In the same way, you will answer the fear of perfectionism.

2. The rule of visualization and WRITING the real risk and benefits

I’ve met a lot of people who are scared. The question remains, what is real fear and what are only assumptions. Therefore, if you want to help your mind, write your concerns on paper. Write down the benefits or possible strategies for mitigation and suddenly the fear is much smaller than it was. I wish you successful experiments with which I believe you will share in the comments. In particular, I call on more experienced Biohackers to show beginners that there is nothing to fear and that the benefits of increased productivity and good health are considerable and motivating.


All information I publish is not intended as medical advice for diagnosis and treatment. As an author, I do not take responsibility for your results. None of the information on this blog replaces your relationship and collaboration with a qualified / certified doctor. All recommendations and inspirations on this blog are communicated with the best of intentions and based on our own experimentation and search for causality and practical context. Average recommendations of the type: “Everything in moderation” are for average people! I focus on innovation, efficiency and the selection of unique issues that are most likely to contribute to the realization of your physical and mental potential. However, the responsibility for correct interpretation and application remains with each of you individually! My path is not the only one and no one pushes any dogmas into you that it has to be 100% in only one way. Think critically, test and evaluate what suits you… If my inspirations help you, I will be happy, but if you have a different opinion and knowledge, feel free to write them to me. I like to study them and also think critically about my own improvement.


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