Support your child’s brain development with an improved breakfast 

Support your child’s brain development with an improved breakfast 

What should you give children for breakfast and snacks to make sure they obtain valuable nutrition for their brains? So that they not only like it, but also know how to concentrate on upcoming tasks? 

At Powerlogy, we decided we want to change every family’s nutrition for the better. And we came to the conclusion that it is best to start from breakfast. It does not have to be a radical change, it is enough to start with important principles and gradually work on them. 

Let’s change our approach and start with the brain

Have you ever realized that most people deal with food only in terms of calories rather than energy for muscles and body? How often do we talk to children, eat to have strength? Many children are then directly dependent on sugar and various commercial products based on clever sweeteners and flavorings. Basically for distinctly sweet tastes. Or then, breakfast cereals and muesli, which parents quickly pour milk over. 

But why don’t parents push on more important beliefs for children from an early age? Why don’t we communicate in the sense of eating so that it will help you, that you will be able to concentrate better and that you will not be broken by hunger from a drop in your blood sugar? 

Namely, the brain decides when the child will be hungry, nervous, irritated, unfocused or mentally weak. Often, all you need to do is know and add important and tasty foods to your brain. 

Not just about calories, but other information as well. Information on satiety or activation of selected neurotransmitters in the brain such as acetylcholine, serotonin or an adequate amount of dopamine.

3 important ingredients for the nutrition of the brains of children as well as parents

If we want to change something in our diet in the long run, then the food must be not only healthy and functional, but especially tasty. The first step is the selection of quality ingredients and the elimination of quick sugars, flour, pastries etc.

From scientific studies and findings, the 3 most important breakfast ingredients for children’s brain nutrition are the following:

  • Prebiotic fiber (vegetables, selected fruits, selected and ideally gluten-free crops such as rice, buckwheat, quinoa, but also millet and oats)
  • High quality and healthy fats (BIO butter, ghee, olive oil, nuts, selected seeds, egg yolk, avocado)
  • Valuable probiotics (BIO or farm unpasteurized sheep and goat products, quality yoghurts, kefir, but also honest sourdough bread)

Gluten-free bowl of granola as inspiration for improving breakfast and comprehensive nutrition

Prepare a breakfast bowl based on honest full-fat yogurt (probiotics, quality fats and protein), gluten-free granules (slow carbohydrates, protein and prebiotic fiber), berries (vitamins, minerals and polyphenols) and hazelnut butter (quality fats, fiber, minerals) and vitamins for the brain).

In this breakfast, you do not have to make compromises between health (functionality) and taste at all. The trick is that the brain tastes only sugars and fats. However, when you combine healthy fats and slow sugars from fruit or selected gluten-free carbohydrates such as rice, buckwheat or quinoa flakes, the brain “dances in joy”.

An important practical principle is to start replacing fast sugars in the diet with slow ones and solve the satiety and taste by choosing healthy fats.

Healthy breakfasts include: nuts, seeds, full-fat BIO dairy products, ideally sheep and goat yoghurts, eggs, avocados and honest butter.

See the NEW Powerlogy products from the children’s line

According to the above-mentioned principles and standards, we at Powerlogy have developed a complete children’s line. It is built to optimize recipes, new extra crispy cocoa granola without gluten and also smooth and fine nougat without pieces of nuts to make the children enjoy it even more.

We have prepared a healthier and tastier breakfast package for you, which your children will fall in love with. The composition of the products is thoroughly consulted with several experts, especially Silvia Horecká. Take a look at the new Powerlogy functional food line for children and discover the power of pure taste.


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