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Coffee and cacao

The best organic coffee with the highest standards to enhance one’s mental and physical performance.

We choose and process our coffee so that it is 100% reliable. Not just in its exquisite taste, but also in its functionality.

Coffee is an irreplaceable part in everyday lives of people worldwide. Modern science has repeatedly proven that coffee is not just coffee, it’s more. That is true for other foods such as meat, cheese, high quality oil and chocolate.

Let’s aspire to premium quality standards with rather lower quantity though fully worth it.

Many types of coffee in the market do not meet the basic qualitative requirements which every good coffee must have. That is why, through long-term research, development and testing, we created our coffee based upon our strict quality standards. We track the journey of our coffee bean from its plantation, to the roaster, to packaging and distribution, noticing every little detail along the way, so that we are assured the coffee we sell you, is the best coffee you can buy in our region. 

We offer you our Speciality Selection for alternative preparation of coffee or our Decaffeinated coffee processed with the latest technology Swiss Water Process. Everything organic and roasted in Slovakia.

Take your pick according to your personal preference. Drink it in the form of pure coffee without sugar, or mixed with butter, milk, cinnamon or cacao.