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Powerlogy Organic Almond Butter 330 g

Organic almond butter

Crunchy and fresh almond butter in organic quality with extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of sea salt. Free from palm oil, sugar and conservatives. Created in Slovakia. Awarded with the Gold star at the Great Taste Awards.
17,98  incl. tax
Units price 48,18 /kg
Powerlogy Organic Almond Butter 330 g 15,90 
Powerlogy Organic Almond Butter 330 g 15,90  incl. tax

Powerlogy Organic Almond has a new recipe!

Enjoy almond butter with extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of sea salt. By adding olive oil, we’ve achieved a creamier consistency and even more nutritional value. As a bonus, it sticks less to your teeth. 😁

Characteristics that make our almond butter reliable

  • 100% premium organic almonds
  • Extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of sea salt.
  • Almonds, gently fried at a low temperature
  • Natural sweetness, without sugar, milk and gluten, suitable for low carb and keto diets
  • Detailed laboratory tests for control of ochratoxins, aflatoxins and nut oxidation

Powerlogy creams and butters fulfil the highest criteria of quality and their goal is to intertwine pure original taste and functionality.

We aim to do the maximum for the development of our products, that connect the power of pure taste and functionality for extra energy and reliable mental and physical performance support. All our products have high nutritional value, because we believe that high quality food improves our thinking and mindset. 

In Powerlogy our passion is a progressive, adaptive and effective diet.

Success at the Great Taste Awards

Power Butter won the gold star in the GREAT TASTE AWARDS 2016 in London where annually experts appreciate the greatest gourmet specialties of the world.

The product was awarded with the gold star by presumably the strictest 400-member worldwide jury, that tasted 10 000 samples for more than a thousand hours. The members of the committee are independent specialists and chefs awarded by Michelin stars, food critics, owners of the most famous restaurants and experts in gastronomy. This competition is considered as the Oscar awards in gastronomy.

How did the idea of almond butter come up?

In the USA, Australia or western Europe, nut butters are a common aspect of every good diet. In Slovakia however, apart from basic peanut butter with added sugars and conservatives, we were unable to find any product, that would satisfy us both in taste and high nutritional quality.

With our founder we began a research in which we tasted more than 50 different products of different brands, from Slovakia and abroad. The turning point was the Organic Food festival in London, where we gained important knowledge for our developing recipe.

We then spent several months inventing our own product. The result is a unique almond butter made from organic almonds, without added sugar. Extra virgin olive oil softens the consistency of the cream, making it less sticky on the teeth. And a pinch of sea salt completes the taste experience. Butter is flavour neutral and suitable for both sweet and savoury cuisine.

Why almonds and not walnuts or peanuts?

Maybe you already know this, but nuts are not just nuts! When it comes to quality, we know that average commercial nuts are prone to mould or oxidation. Its also important to point out that peanuts for example, are not an ideal source of nutritional substances, due to high polyunsaturated fat content, allergens and fatty acids. 

In this area, almonds and macadamia nuts are far more ideal. Not only do almonds contain high amounts of monounsaturated fat, that are an ideal source of energy for the body, but also have high amounts of protein, vitamin E and fibre. Try a higher level of snacks and test out the feeling after eating almonds with dark chocolate instead of classic candies.

The best use of Organic Almond Butter

  • Similarly like classic milk butter, for direct consumption or added in granola
  • Mixed with bananas, strawberries or other fruits according to preference
  • Added to delicious smoothies, milkshakes or puddings
  • Added in home baking or cooking as a source of healthy fats
  • In your own snacks in a low carb or keto style, the product contains a small amount of carbohydrates

Composition and taste characteristics

  • Product description: Organic almond cream with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt.
  • Mass: 330 g
  • Composition: Organic almonds 84,8%, organic extra virgin olive oil 15%, sea salt 0,2%.
  • Allergens: Nuts
  • Country of origin: Spain
  • Created in: Slovakia

Nutrition facts per 100g

  • Calories 2683 kJ/ 650 kcal
  • Fats 60,0 g
  • Saturated fats 7,1 g
  • Carbohydrates 3,0 g
  • Sugars 2,4 g
  • Fiber 9,8 g
  • Protein 11,1 g
  • Salt 0,2 g

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