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Powerlogy Big Breakfast Pack

Premium gluten and dairy free breakfast package

You will find 2 gluten-free granola with strawberries and crunchy almonds. These breakfast muesli are perfectly complemented by 2 great nut creams: premium cashew cream in organic quality and hazelnut organic nougat with real cocoa. All products are gluten, dairy, refined sugar and palm oil free.
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Powerlogy Big Breakfast Pack 65,47 
Powerlogy Big Breakfast Pack 65,47  incl. tax

Powerlogy Honey Granola contains crunchy almonds, quinoa, honey, coconut and freeze-dried strawberries. It has a natural optimal composition with no sugar or milk and a high fibre content. We created it together with commodity science and nutritional composition expert, Silvia Horecka. The result is a combination of strong clean taste and high nutritional value. Our granola can also be topped with nut cream! We’ve packed two different flavours into this breakfast pack for you.

Without a gram of added sugar yet with a sweet taste. No milk, gluten, palm oil or artificial preservatives. That’s exactly what Powerlogy Cashew Cream with organic coconut is. In addition to plenty of healthy fats and high nutritional value, it also offers a delicate taste that melts on the tongue.

Powerlogy Organic Nougat Cream – crunchy and fresh Organic hazelnut cream with real cocoa! It is a healthy alternative to the famous nut spread starting with N and ending with TELLA. It contains no gluten, milk, palm oil or artificial preservatives. In addition to the exceptional delicious taste, you can also enjoy the high nutritional value.

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