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Powerlogy Immunity Pack

Foods to boost immunity

A blend of warming organic spices and fast energy from BIO MCT oil. This Powerlogy food pairing will sustain you through the tougher times. Easily make Golden Milk and help your body with energizing foods.
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Powerlogy Immunity Pack 31,90 
Powerlogy Immunity Pack 31,90  incl. tax

Quality products that hold you up

Premium quality and intense taste. These 2 parameters must be met by every Powerlogy product. Thanks to the combination of Turmeric spices and MCT oil, you can enjoy the amazing taste, but at the same time significantly support your immunity, which we all want to take even more care of at the moment.

Powerlogy BIO Turmeric | 100 g

In just one teaspoon you get the full and intense taste of a quality spice, blended specifically for functional nutrition and great taste. Turmeric, ashwagandha, ginger or cinnamon are scientifically proven ingredients for digestive support and a pleasant feeling in the stomach. Not to mention the anti-inflammatory value of turmeric, but it is only active when combined with black peppermint in the right dose. In addition to aiding digestion, the blend also has a thermogenic effect and promotes a healthy fat-burning metabolism.

Powerlogy Organic MCT Oil | 500 ml

Powerlogy Organic MCT Oil is a unique source of energy that can be found naturally in small amounts even in coconut oil. It is quickly absorbed and converted into ketones, giving you long-lasting stable energy that sugar won’t provide. Including Powerlogy MCT oil in your diet will give you energy, support weight management, and optimize performance.

Delicious hot energy drink

The full recipe for combining these 2 nutritious products into a tasty drink called Golden Milk can be found in the video below. Treat yourself to a drink that will fill you up and give you plenty of energy.

To make Golden Milk you need:

And we wish you only one thing to go with your nicely served cup. Cheers!

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