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Convenient pack of premium collagen and C8 MCT oil

Collagen represents the functional nutrition of skin, hair, nails, tendons and joints. Premium C8 MCT oil containing pure caprylic acid (C8) in turn most effectively delivers rapid energy to the brain and muscles. Both products contain no lactose, gluten, soy, sugar or artificial preservatives.
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Powerlogy Jet  PackExtra 51,90 
Powerlogy Jet  PackExtra 51,90  incl. tax

Powerlogy Natural Collagen | 300 g

The protein collagen is the basic building block of skin, hair, nails, tendons, joints and cartilage. It could be called the glue that holds us together. Although the body naturally produces it, its production decreases with age. This leads to a weakening of cell structures and signs of ageing. It is therefore very important to choose a good quality hydrolysed collagen and incorporate it into your diet.

In addition to all the other benefits, our collagen is highly soluble in both hot and cold combinations, so you can add it to coffee, soups, smoothies or sauces. Details about our collagen can be found here.

With just one dose a day, you will significantly contribute to the nutrition of all your tissues and the complete intake of important essential amino acids.

How best to use Collagen

  • For the preparation of delicious coffee with collagen
  • Add to soups and sauces to thicken, flavour and increase nutritional value
  • Incorporate into smoothies, puddings or yoghurt desserts
  • Use in home baking as a partial flour substitute and source of easily digestible protein
  • Making your own low carb or keto style snacks as the product is carbohydrate free

Powerlogy C8 MCT Oil | 500 ml

  • 100% pure C8 caprylic acid content
  • Direct fat burning support without burdening digestion
  • Fast and stable energy for high mental and physical performance

Medium chain length MCT fats (8-12 carbons) are considered one of the most efficient sources of energy for both brain and muscles. Their metabolic pathway is very fast and without the burden of the gallbladder, they are converted directly to ketones in the liver. These in turn can be used as a source of energy not only by the muscles but also by the brain.

However, there is no MCT oil like MCT oil. Of all fats, it is the caprylic acid (C8), which makes up only 6% of coconut oil, that is most efficiently converted into ketones. Most MCT oils on the market are a mixture of C8 and C10 in varying proportions, where the lower quality ones will also have residues of other fats or some residues of other substances (impurities) after the oil has been processed. In this package we offer you pure Powerlogy C8 MCT oil.

Our MCT oil is tasteless and flavourless. You can add it to coffee, smoothies, desserts or salads. MCT oil is most used by people for mental performance support, replacing short-term energy from sugars, when transitioning to a low carb to ketogenic diet, or by athletes for extra energy and accelerated recovery.

How to make the best use of C8 MCT Oil

  • In coffee with butter, ghee or collagen
  • As a substitute for unsuitable vegetable and animal fats in the diet
  • In smoothies and shakes for more stable energy
  • In salads and dressings instead of conventional oils
  • To support low carb, vegan and keto diets

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