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Powerlogy MCT Coffee Combo

Convenient pack of BIO MCT oil and BIO coffee

Double pack suitable for the preparation of Power Coffee with BIO MCT oil as an effective substitute for breakfast or energy snack.
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Powerlogy MCT Coffee Combo 37,20 
Powerlogy MCT Coffee Combo 37,20  incl. tax

Unique features that we have managed to achieve:

  • A good dose of energy thanks to added healthy fats.
  • Organic origin of coffee beans.
  • Effective incorporation of healthy fats into the diet.
  • Support for fat metabolism.
  • Stable energy without bouts of wolf hunger.

Discounted effective energy pack

The ideal combination to prepare energy coffee for better physical and mental performance and direct support of fat metabolism.

Powerlogy Organic Coffee 250 g

A blend of selected ORGANIC coffee beans 100% Arabica from 3 continents with laboratory tested purity of composition.

Powerlogy Organic MCT oil 500 ml

Specially extracted MCT oil containing only the most effective medium chain MCT triglycerides for instant energy, without any additives and 100% coconut origin.

The package contains:

Why add MCT to your coffee instead of sugar?

The unique combination of POWER COFFEE with MCT fats will give you very fast energy without the burden. MCT fats pass directly through the brain barrier and can also trigger the partial production of ketones for better mental and physical performance. The energy effect achieved is steady and without blood sugar spikes and hunger pangs.

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