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Powerlogy Mini Breakfast Pack

Premium gluten and dairy free breakfast package

Treat yourself to a gluten-free granola with strawberries, almonds and coconut chips. Combined with crunchy organic nougat, which contains up to 60% hazelnuts, you get a functional and tasty breakfast. Taste and discover our world of functional, pure-tasting foods.
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Powerlogy Mini Breakfast Pack 22,90 
Powerlogy Mini Breakfast Pack 22,90  incl. tax

Powerlogy Organic Nougat Cream | 330 g

  • 100% Organic hazelnuts of top quality from Italian suppliers
  • 100% free of palm oil, emulsifiers and artificial preservatives
  • 100% natural formula without refined sugar
  • Detailed laboratory tests to check for ochratoxins, aflatoxins and nut oxidation

At Powerlogy, we want to help improve the eating habits of families. You will be familiar with the famous nut spread starting with the letter N and ending with TELLA. Many people know it’s unhealthy, but despite its poor ingredients, they eat it every day. We didn’t give up and created a healthy alternative to this famous nut spread that you can safely treat yourself and your children to.

All ingredients are of organic quality. We use organic ingredients because they guarantee high quality standards, great taste and energy. And if you are interested in more details about Nougate, you can find them at this link.

How to make the best use of BIO Nougat Cream

  • Just like a conventional N-tella but with sourdough
  • Add to porridge, classic granola or new cocoa granola
  • Just spoon on and top with fruit to taste
  • Add to home baking such as these biscuits as a source of healthy, high quality fats

Powerlogy Honey Granola | 400 g

The reason for developing our Honey Granola was clear: we lacked a breakfast product on the market that met all the demanding quality attributes. That is, it would contain pure natural ingredients, be free of gluten and dairy and provide an optimal and balanced macronutrient composition.

The main goal of Powerlogy Honey Granola is to help you improve breakfast in your families and offer children a healthy alternative to various commercial cereals, cereal balls and other cereals. After a year of development, we’ve fine-tuned the ingredients and taste to make sure you’ll find the new Powerlogy Granola a powerful experience. And not just a taste experience, but more importantly a healthy energy oneFind out more about Granola.

How best to use gluten-free Granola

  • As a gluten-free and dairy-free option for a regular and nutritious breakfast
  • In combination with yoghurt, berries or nut butter/cream
  • Incorporate into home baking to make your own muesli bars
  • As an alternative to pastries for snacks or snacks for active children

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