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Power Coffee Combo

Bargain pack of BIO ghee butter, MCT oil and coffee

Three-pack suitable for the preparation of Power Coffee with MCT oil and ghee butter. The opportunity to change your habits from the beginning and opt for an effective breakfast substitute or energy snack.
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Power Coffee Combo 47,90 
Power Coffee Combo 47,90  incl. tax

Discounted Efficient Energy Pack

The ideal combination to make an energy coffee for long-lasting physical and mental performance and direct support of fat metabolism.

The pack contains:

Organic Coffee aims to offer you a complex espresso of strong body and clean taste:

  • Powerlogy Coffee is roasted in Slovakia in a gentle way to a medium grade, so that it is neither bitter over-roasted, nor acidic due to the non-roasting of the bean kernel, which is common in fast commercial roasting.
  • Organic Espresso is composed of high quality 100% Organic Arabica beans from Peru and Ethiopia and India.
  • We choose organic beans not because we go crazy for the organic brand, but because the birth certificates of the beans we select guarantee controlled high standards of purity and quality.
  • You can enjoy extra crema when making espresso at home on a lever machine or machine.
  • This blend, like every Powerlogy product, is laboratory tested to guarantee the purity of the composition.
  • So you can be sure that the coffee meets the strictest quality criteria for a real boost to your body and the pleasure of your gourmet tongue.

How is Powerlogy Ghee Butter different than making ghee at home?

  • Powerlogy Organic Ghee Butter is made through a rigorous triple filtration process for 100% elimination of lactose, casein and water.
  • This production process ensures stability and purity that even people with severe lactose intolerance can rely on. The butter will even stay fresh and fragrant for up to 8 months. And without refrigeration!
  • We’ve managed to source honest, high quality German DEMETER-certified butter from cows fed exclusively on grass (in summer) and hay (in winter).

7 times faster energy than coconut oil

Powerlogy Organic MCT oil is a special extract of 100% coconut origin without chemical additives and artificial preservatives containing concentrated and effective doses of C8 and C10 fatty acids in a glass container. It is a unique source of energy that you can naturally find in small amounts even in coconut oil. It is quickly absorbed and converted into ketones, giving you long lasting stable enegy that you can’t get from sugar. Adding Powerlogy MCT oil to your diet will give you real energy, support weight management, and optimize performance.

This oil contains only very fast-absorbing, medium-chain C8 and C10 triglycerides that metabolize faster and easier than regular fats, protein or carbohydrates. Due to its premium formulation, you will find in it an increased ratio of C8 caprylic acid, which has a high ability to activate ketone production for brain performance.

Organic quality MCT oil is easy to store, does not require refrigeration and is liquid at room temperature.

Information on composition and nutritional data can be found here:

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