Powerlogy Plant Protein 350 g

Organic plant protein

Premium organic plant protein with extra MCT and natural vanilla-coconut taste. Low-carb muscle nutrition and support for regeneration. A mix of laboratory tested yellow pea protein, brown rice and hemp. High amino acid content, AAS score of 126.
18,90  incl. tax
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Powerlogy Plant Protein 350 g 18,90 
Powerlogy Plant Protein 350 g 18,90  incl. tax

Characteristics that make our plant protein reliable:

  • Premium mix of organic plant proteins without odor and bitterness
  • Pure composition without artificial preservatives, flavors, artificial sweeteners, milk and gluten
  • Fast absorbability and easy digestibility. Unofficial DIASS score above 110.
  • Complete amino acid profile with functional MCT fats.
  • Easily soluble in warm and cold beverages 

We aim to do the maximum for the development of our products, that connect the power of pure taste and functionality for extra energy and reliable mental and physical performance support. 

You have often asked us if you can replace ordinary classic fitness proteins with high-quality pure collagen. However, collagen is intended for another purpose, and so for the regeneration and growth of muscle mass we bring you a high-quality and BIO-certified whey hydrolyzate in combination with functional MCT fats, for optimal satiety and support for reducing the ratio of carbohydrates in your nutrition.

Naturally, just like with all other Powerlogy products, our whey protein is pure in composition, without flavoring or artificial sweeteners. These aspects only irritate the microbiome and stimulate the brain to desire more sweet foods.

In Powerlogy our passion is a progressive, adaptive and effective diet, of pure taste and high quality.

Functionality? Great taste? The plant protein has both

Powerlogy plant protein relies on high quality processing of premium plant proteins in combination with MCT fats and the taste of quality natural vanilla. When we apply new technologies, we can break down plant proteins into a very fine powder and thus improve their digestibility.

There are two options in which the brain perceives the protein to be tasty. Either with the sweet taste that most producers add with sugar and artificial sweeteners, or from the addition of quality fats and selective spices such as vanilla and cinnamon, which will elevate the natural flavors. Our brain perceives proteins as neutral in taste. The taste of the plant protein is a result of MCT fat in combination with vanilla. See this article for details on why it is easier to achieve  an efficient metabolism with healthy fats instead of sugars.

Functional scientifically proven benefits of the plant protein:

  • Support of accelerated regeneration and growth of muscle mass 
  • Support of attention, concentration and brain nutrition thanks to the high amino acid content(more about the study)
  • High amino acid AAS score: 126
  • Higher BCAA content, hence high quality of plant protein 
  • Easy digestibility, even for people sensitive to lectins and artificial sweeteners 

The recommended dose according to most studies is 25-35 g. The amount is dependent on body structure and sports intentions.

The best uses of the Plant Protein

  • Mixed with water or high quality milk to create a protein shake
  • In soups or sauces, to improve their nutritional value
  • Added to smoothies, puddings or yogurt desserts
  • In home cooking as a substitute for flour
  • Creation of your own snacks in a low carb or keto style

Warning: Food supplement. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dark and dry place. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. It is not a substitute for a normal diet. Not for children under 3 years, pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Composition and characteristics

  • Product description: Premium 100% plant protein powder with natural vanilla flavor
  • Weight: 350 g
  • Ingredients: Powerlogy Plant Protein MixTM 72% (mix of organic plant proteins from yellow peas, hemp and rice), MCT oil micro fragmented, organic coconut nectar, organic gently ground coconut, natural aromas
  • Allergens: None.
  • Country of origin: outside of EU
  • Created in: Slovakia

Nutrition facts per 100g

  • Calories 1781 kJ/ 424 kcal
  • Fats 14,0 g
  • Saturated fats 9,4 g
  • Carbohydrates 16,0 g
  • Sugars 6,8 g
  • Fiber 7,0 g
  • Proteins 55,0 g
  • Salt 1,5 g

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