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Powerlogy Black Pack

Value pack of premium products

In one package you will find functional nutrition for the skin, hair, nails and joints, provided by collagen. Crispy hazelnut cream in organic quality, which will sweeten your day. And two 90% selective premium chocolates with MCT oil and organic cocoa beans. Free from lactose, gluten, soy, artificial preservatives and palm oil.
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Powerlogy Black Pack 50,77 
Powerlogy Black Pack 50,77  incl. tax

Powerlogy Collagen | 350 g

Collagen protein is the basic building block of human skin, hair, nails, bones, tendons, joints and cartilage. It could be called the glue that holds us together. Although the body produces it naturally, with increasing age, its production gradually decreases. This leads to a weakening of cell structures and signs of aging. Therefore, it is very important to choose really high quality collagen and incorporate it into the diet.

One of the benefits of our collagen is its solubility in warm and cold foods or drinks. It can be added to coffee, soups, smoothies or sauces. More information can be found here.

With just one dose a day, you can significantly improve the nutrition of all your tissues and get a complete intake of important essential amino acids.

The best uses of collagen

  • Mixed with water or high quality milk to create a protein shake
  • In soups or sauces, to improve their nutritional value
  • Added to smoothies, puddings or yogurt desserts
  • In home cooking as a substitute for flour
  • Creation of your own snacks in a low carb or keto style, since the product contains no carbohydrates

Powerlogy BIO Nougat Cream | 330 g

  • 100% organic hazelnuts of top quality from suppliers in Italy
  • 100% free from palm oil, emulsifiers and conservatives
  • 100% organic composition without refined sugar
  • Detailed laboratory tests for control of ochratoxins, aflatoxins and nut oxidation

In Powerlogy we want to help improve nutrition habits in families, mainly in the case of breakfasts and snacks. Everybody knows the famous nut cream beginning with the letter N and ending with TELLA. Despite its composition, that is far from optimal according to us, it is daily consumed by many people, including women and children. Many people know, it is unhealthy, but when they see those eyes of children asking for it, they give way easily. We wanted to change that, thus, similarly as in the case of our almond butter as an alternative to average peanut creams, we created a healthy alternative to the famous nut cream, for all age groups, including children.

All ingredients are organic. We use only organic ingredients, because they guarantee high standards of quality, great taste and reliable energy. Many nuts, available in the market, are subject to oxidation and often contain aflatoxins. That is why, we have ambitions to export outside of Slovakia, where only 100% organic quality is a regular requirement.

The best use of Power Nougat

  • Similarly like classic N-tella for direct consumption or added in granola
  • Mixed with bananas, strawberries or other fruits according to preference
  • Added to delicious smoothies, milkshakes or puddings
  • Added in home baking or cooking as a source of healthy fats
  • In your own snacks in a low carb or keto style, the product contains a small amount of carbohydrates

Powerlogy Keto Chocobar 90 % | 2×50 g

  • Pure composition without milk, gluten, lecithin, peanuts, palm oil or artificial preservatives. 
  • Bean-to-Bar production, which means that cocoa beans are roasted, ground and processed directly in Slovakia. 
  • 90% cocoa mass (Criollo cocoa beans from Tumaco, Colombia) and unique maple sugar as a natural sweetener with a lower GI. 
  • Selective ingredients in top quality and precise production in Slovakia. 
  • Detailed laboratory tests for the control of ochratoxins, aflatoxins or oxidation of nuts. 

Chocolate is one of the most popular sweets, but unfortunately not in the quality and standards by which it could really contribute to an improved lifestyle. We have created a product that meets the demanding standards of Low Carb, Keto, Paleo, but also vegan style of eating. The chocolate contains almost no sugar, but thanks to the quality and real cocoa mass produced by the bean-to-bar approach in Slovakia, it tastes great. Thanks to the recipe, many people estimated it at 75% chocolate on a blind test. 

After long development and a really long testing period, the final recipe for a unique functional chocolate with 10% MCT fats and chopped cocoa beans was created. We believe that Power Chocobars will provide a great alternative to a healthy and delicious snack at home, at work or on the go. Experience the taste of real pure and strong chocolate, which will be nutritious for both the body and the mind. Find more here.

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