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Powerlogy Jet Pack

Convenient pack of premium collagen and MCT oil

Collagen represents the functional nutrition of skin, hair, nails, tendons and joints. And pure BIO MCT oil with a high content of pure caprylic acid (C8) in turn efficiently supplies fast energy to the brain and muscles. Both products contain no lactose, gluten, soy, sugar or artificial preservatives.
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Powerlogy Jet Pack 56,43 
Powerlogy Jet Pack 56,43  incl. tax

Our premium collagen powder contains only 100% pure, hydrolyzed collagen and nothing extra – no additives, artificial preservatives or flavors. It has a delicious creamy taste, dissolves easily and is versatile in its use, whether as a thickener in meals or a substitute for cream in coffee. Regular use of collagen has a positive effect on skin health and elasticity, strengthens nails and hair, slows down the signs of ageing and also regenerates the digestive tract.

A good dose of energy is provided by pure Powerlogy Organic MCT Oil. This organic coconut oil contains only the most effective medium chain triglycerides C8 and C10. It is quickly absorbed and provides stable energy for high physical and mental performance. It also directly supports fat burning without burdening digestion.

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