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Powerlogy Organic Turmeric Chocobar 6 x 50 g

Convenient pack of organic white chocolate with almonds and turmeric

40% of our unique organic chocolate is made up of white chocolate from cocoa butter. It is sweetened with cane sugar and improved with anti-inflammatory turmeric and almonds. The content of pure sugar is almost 2 times lower than in ordinary white chocolates. However, the absence of sugar takes nothing away from the delicious taste of our chocolate. It does not contain milk, gluten or palm oil. It is suitable for vegans and people with a histamine intolerance.  
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Powerlogy Organic Turmeric Chocobar 6 x 50 g 20,90 
Powerlogy Organic Turmeric Chocobar 6 x 50 g 20,90  incl. tax

Characteristics that make our white BIO turmeric chocolate reliable:

  • Free from milk, gluten, peanuts, palm oil or artificial preservatives
  • Bean-to-Bar production, which means that cocoa beans are roasted, ground and processed directly in Slovakia
  • 40% cocoa butter content (Criollo variety) and cane sugar 
  • Selective ingredients in organic quality
  • Free from cocoa powder
  • Detailed laboratory tests for the control of ochratoxins, aflatoxins and oxidation of nuts

Powerlogy chocolates fulfil the highest criteria of quality and their goal is to intertwine pure original taste and functionality.

In Powerlogy our passion is a progressive, adaptive and effective diet.

We have been devoted to creating high quality selective chocolate for years. First we created our 70% chocolate with large hazelnut pieces and after that we added a 90% chocolate bar with MCT oil and chopped cocoa beans to our collection. This time we have let our creativity flow uncontrolled and elevated the boundaries of gourmet imagination to a completely new level.

We invented chocolate, which is in a way absolutely unique. We created yellow chocolate.

Cocoa butter and anti-inflammatory turmeric, this is our tasty and functional chocolate without allergens.

The new unique Powerlogy chocolate is simple in composition, but complex in taste. 40% of the composition is real white chocolate from cocoa butter. It is further sweetened with cane sugar and improved with anti-inflammatory turmeric. It gives it a beautiful color and makes it a truly functional chocolate.

Powerlogy Organic Turmeric Choco, however, is not unique solely because of its color. Its composition is pure and natural. It does not contain milk, gluten or palm oil. It is suitable for vegans and even for people with a histamine intolerance.

We know that many people with histamine intolerances love chocolate, but cocoa complicates their lives. However, our new turmeric chocolate contains only pure cocoa butter, the most nutritious part of cocoa beans. Therefore, it is suitable for a wide range of food intolerances. Taste the future of chocolate and healthier snacking, and allow yourself to be surprised by the strength of our chocolate’s pure taste.

Our white chocolate with turmeric represents:

  • Innovation that intertwines delicious taste with functionality
  • High quality chocolate without milk, also suitable for vegans and histamines
  • An easily digestible, nutritious and tasty source of energy
  • A 100% reliable snack

Composition and taste characteristics

  • Product description: BIO 40% Vegan bar with cocoa butter, turmeric, almonds and coconut
  • Weight: 6 × 50 g
  • Composition: Organic cocoa butter 40%, organic cane sugar 34.8%, organic rice syrup 14.55%, organic almonds 4.56%, organic shredded coconut 3.82%, organic turmeric 2%, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin 0.09%, sea salt 0.09%, vanilla extract 0.09%.
  • Allergens: Nuts
  • Created in: Slovakia

Nutrition facts per 100 g

  • Calories 2607 kJ/ 626 kcal
  • Fats 46 g
  • Saturated fats 26 g
  • Carbohydrates 43 g
  • Sugars 31 g
  • Fibre 1,9 g
  • Proteins 1,7 g
  • Salt 0,19 g

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