Powerlogy Upgraded Collagen Bar 2 x 50 g

Double pack of low carbohydrate protein bar with collagen

A bar with hydrolysed collagen, low sugar content and a good portion of fibre (9 g in one bar). Research confirms that a high intake of prebiotic fiber protects against obesity1 and supports the microbiome.1-2 Ensures healthy satiety3, stable blood sugar4 and helps with lowering cholesterol levels.4-5 The recipe is topped off with extra MCT oil, which acts as a quick "fuel" for energy.6-7 Enjoy a bounty of flavor thanks to the dark chocolate and fresh coconut topping. Free from gluten, dairy, palm oil and artificial sweeteners.
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Powerlogy Upgraded Collagen Bar 2 x 50 g 5,90 
Powerlogy Upgraded Collagen Bar 2 x 50 g 5,90  incl. tax

What makes the enhanced collagen bar unique?

Powerlogy’s new line of Upgraded products is unique in its formulation. Each Powerlogy product combines great taste and high nutritional value. The Upgraded line goes even further. The recipe of these products is based on modern scientific knowledge and is fine-tuned to the last detail. It gives you extra energy and is a direct boost to specific body functions.

In the case of the Upgraded Collagen Bar, it is all about high support for cell tissue regeneration. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, making up approximately 30% of all proteins. It makes up skin, hair, nails, teeth, organs, arteries, cartilage, bones, tendons and ligaments. Collagen is therefore a key substance in the fight against ageing. In addition, collagen loss can begin a full decade before muscle loss.

With our innovative collagen bar, you are assured of a functional dose of collagen (10 g in one bar). We’ve created a formula with MCT oil, high fiber content and great taste. Not only will the Upgraded Collagen Bar provide you with a daily dose of quality collagen, but it will help with a healthy feeling of satiety, optimal blood sugar levels, and a quick source of energy in the form of MCT fats. And all this with very low sugar and no burden on your digestion.

You won’t find any artificial sweeteners in the product. Instead, we achieved the great “bounty” taste with dark chocolate coating, fresh coconut and a small amount of natural stevia. The MCT oil and highly professional production take care of the extra energy and juiciness of the bar.

Immediate product benefit thanks to these 6 features:

  • High content (up to 20%) of hydrolysed bovine collagen.
  • Extra high fibre content (9 g per bar) and MCT fats providing a source of quick energy.
  • Low sugar content and low glycaemic index.
  • Great “bounty” taste of dark chocolate and fresh coconut.
  • Pleasant texture without a crumbly consistency and rubbery mouthfeel.
  • Contains no gluten, milk or artificial sweeteners such as maltitol or asparatame.

Powerlogy Upgraded Collagen Bar is a modern snack. We created this innovative low-sugar collagen bar for discerning customers. For people who really want to have a day full of energy and don’t want to get hungry in 2 hours. And at the same time, they are very aware that every meal has the potential to be a quality nourishment.

How we solved the complexity of the composition

We added only necessary and non-hazardous food-grade moisture stabilisers such as sunflower lecithin and glycerol in minimal amounts to the primary ingredients. They ensure that the bar does not lose its shape and freshness within a few weeks. All these ingredients make a reliable bar without stickiness or a loose consistency.

We believe you will enjoy the innovative Powerlogy collagen bar. And we’re confident that it will serve as a functional and delicious reassurance when you need to replenish energy or fight off hunger during an intense day. And all without the now-so-popular artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, and low-quality proteins in bars have been shown in numerous scientific studies to be unsuitable for a healthy microbiome, even some paradoxically increasing the insulin response in the body.

Treat yourself to a snack with easily digestible hydrolyzed collagen, without a lot of sugar, gluten and dairy.

Links to scientific studies

  1. Dietary fibers reduce obesity-related disorders: mechanisms of action
  2. Microbiota responses to different prebiotics are conserved within individuals and associated with habitual fiber intake
  3. The Effect of Fiber on Satiety and Food Intake: A Systematic Review
  4. Back to the Roots: Revisiting the Use of the Fiber-Rich Cichorium intybus L. Taproots
  5. Hypocholesterolemic and Prebiotic Effects of a Whole-Grain Oat-Based Granola Breakfast Cereal in a Cardio-Metabolic “At Risk” Population
  6. Short- and medium-chain fatty acids in energy metabolism: the cellular perspective
  7. Medium Chain Triglycerides enhances exercise endurance through the increased mitochondrial biogenesis and metabolism

Composition and taste characteristics

  • Product description: Protein bar with coconut in dark chocolate
  • Weight: 2 × 50 g
  • Composition: Hydrolysed collagen peptides 20%, dark chocolate 20% (cocoa mass, sugar, fat-reduced cocoa powder, cocoa butter, emulsifiers: soya lecithin, polyglycerol polyricinoleate; Bourbon vanilla extract), chicory fibre, humectant: Glycerol; coconut powder 9.5%, grated coconut 9.3%, rice protein 5.8%, MCT fats (medium chain triglycerides), water, natural coconut flavour, antioxidant: tocopherol extract; emulsifier: sunflower lecithin; table salt, sweetener: stevia glycosides from stevia.
  • Allergens: none
  • Created in: Slovakia

Nutrition facts per 100 g

  • Calories 1766 kJ/ 422 kcal
  • Fats 19 g
  • Saturated fatty acids 15 g
  • Carbohydrates 25 g
  • Sugars 8,7 g
  • Fiber 18 g
  • Proteins 28 g
  • Salt 0,22 g

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