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Powerlogy Vegan Protein Drink Pack

Protein smoothie pack for vegans

A protein smoothie that will please every vegan with its composition and taste. Vegetable Complete Protein is enriched with hyaluronic acid, a source of sulphur and vitamins B12 and D2. Just add a fine organic cashew cream with coconut, blend it properly in vegetable milk and you have a delicious, nutritious drink. It has it all: a wide spectrum of amino acids, 18 g of pure protein, a serving of healthy fats and extra vitamins and minerals. Both products are vegan, with no added sugar, gluten or artificial sweeteners.
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Powerlogy Vegan Protein Drink Pack 41,73 
Powerlogy Vegan Protein Drink Pack 41,73  incl. tax

The main ingredient of the plant-based Powerlogy Complete Protein are proteins from organic yellow peas, rice and raw hemp, which are enriched with hyaluronic acid, a source of sulphur, vitamins B12, D2 and vanilla extract. It dissolves naturally in hot and cold beverages and contains no added sugar, artificial flavors or artificial preservatives. It is an excellent solution to supplement protein deficiencies in a purely plant-based diet.

Without a gram of added sugar yet with a sweet taste. No milk, gluten, palm oil or artificial preservatives. That’s exactly what Powerlogy Cashew Cream with Coconut in Organic quality is. In addition to plenty of healthy fats and high nutritional value, it also offers a delicate taste that melts on the tongue.

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