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Powerlogy Organic Whey Protein 650 g

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Organic whey protein is made from milk from grass-fed cows. It contains a complex amino acid profile. One daily dose contains up to 24 g of protein. Thanks to modern ultrafiltration technology, it has a high protein absorption. With this protein you can easily support muscle recovery. Enjoy a creamy taste while maintaining a pure composition. Free of gluten, soy, sugar and artificial sweeteners.
45,12  incl. tax
Units price 61,38 /kg
Powerlogy Organic Whey Protein 650 g 39,90 
Powerlogy Organic Whey Protein 650 g 39,90  incl. tax

Features that make our Organic Whey Protein one you can rely on:

  • A combination of great taste and functional composition without gluten, artificial sweeteners and sugar.
  • Premium German quality milk from the Alpine region.
  • Easy digestibility and fast absorption of animal protein.
  • Natural solubility in hot and cold drinks.
  • Natural creamy taste without bitterness.

At Powerlogy, we go the extra mile to develop innovative foods that combine amazing taste and functional benefits. The goal is to support above average physical and mental performance. We believe that quality food changes minds. That’s why we process our products minimally and maintain their high nutritional value.

At Powerlogy, our passion is a progressive and efficient lifestyle, but it has to taste good.

Why is Powerlogy whey protein better?

Protein powders are among the popular sources of protein and energy. They are even seen by many as healthier sweets for athletes. Unfortunately, most products on the market lack quality ingredients or lack a delicious taste. In that case, the product loses its potential because it doesn’t give the body the valuable substances we use it for, or we give it up over time due to the unpleasant taste. Often both.

Many protein and energy drinks are full of soy, sweeteners or flavorings. They just have an artificial, oversweetened taste. Such a composition “enhanced” with lots of flavors and artificial substances can easily cause digestive problems, abdominal pain or even glycemic problems in the long run.

That’s why Powerlogy brings you a premium protein of certified ORGANIC quality. It is designed for all active people who want to support the recovery of the body and muscle mass after physical exercise.

Functional benefits of Organic Whey Protein

Our whey protein is a tasty solution for faster recovery. The combination of high quality, functional composition and great taste helps you with a sustainable lifestyle. The ideal solution for the active person who cares about health.

Key benefits based on scientific evidence:

  • Support accelerated recovery and muscle growth (more on the study).
  • Support for attention and brain nutrition thanks to a broad amino acid profile (more on the study).
  • Measured higher blood levels of leucine compared to whey isolates (more on the study).
  • Higher BCAA content compared to whey isolate (more on the study).
  • Gentler on the stomach and better digestion if you’re sensitive to whey protein (more on the study).

Recommended dose is 30 g (1 scoop) per day. You will get approximately 21 servings from one packet.

How to prepare whey protein?

In addition to all the other benefits, our Organic Whey Protein is naturally soluble in both hot and cold beverages. If you like your protein in liquid form, you can prepare it very easily at any time of the day.

Mix 1 scoop in 200 ml of water or (plant) milk and you’re ready to go.

You can easily flavour the resulting creamy drink with fresh fruit and nut creams to add healthy fats. However, there is no limit to your imagination and thanks to the natural taste, you can easily incorporate the protein into sweet food.

How best to use Organic Whey Protein

  • Mix with water or milk as a protein drink.
  • Add to smoothies, and yogurt desserts.
  • Use in home baking as a partial flour substitute and a source of easily digestible protein.
  • Use in sweet dishes to thicken and increase nutritional value.

Note: Dietary supplement. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dark, dry place. Do not exceed the daily recommended dose. It is not a substitute for a varied diet. Not intended for children under 3 years of age, pregnant and lactating women.

Composition and characteristics

  • Product description: Organic filtered whey protein
  • Weight: 650 g
  • Ingredients: 100% organic whey protein (80% protein concentrate) from certified organic farming.
  • Allergens: Contains lactose, may contain nuts.
  • Created in: Slovakia

Nutrition facts per 100 g

  • Calories 1 536 kJ/ 367 kcal
  • Fats 0,2 g
  • Saturated fats 0,1 g
  • Carbohydrates 3,5 g
  • Sugars 3,5 g
  • Lactose 2-5 %
  • Proteins 80,0 g
  • Salt 0,47 g

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