Chocolate and innovative snacks with high quality standards to support mental and physical performance. From these foods, you get wholesome nutrition and energy without negatively burdening your metabolism. We offer chocolate in a handy pack – sweet 70% with Italian hazelnuts, dark and functional 90% and white chocolate with almonds and turmeric.

Chocolate contains many stimulants, especially theobromine. And theobromine, like caffeine, induces feelings of pleasure by releasing dopamine and serotonin. Theobromine also has a number of great health benefits – it increases blood flow without increasing heart pressure, suppresses coughs, reduces inflammation, among others.

Of course, even fine quality chocolate, like our Powerlogy, contains sugar. But here you will find 2 differences. Firstly, it contains considerably less sugar than regular commercial chocolate. And secondly, not many people eat a whole bar of honest chocolate in one sitting. Most people enjoy the taste of these chocolate bars. Plus, our chocolate bar contains much more healthy fats, protein and fiber. And these are very filling.

In this product category you will also find a unique range of hazelnut nougats and delicious cashew cream. Both nut creams contain extra MCT oil thanks to a new recipe. They come in a handy lidded pack which is ideal for travel, sport or as a snack for children. Made in Slovakia, they are free from gluten, milk, palm oil and artificial preservatives.

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