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“I’ll start tomorrow” – we all know this phrase. After all, you just have to start and then just persevere, right? ­čśä So what’s behind the repeated giving up of challenges?

Goals far away from reality, that’s where the “famous” failure lies! Excessively demanding workouts, lightning fast change of diet, complicated recipes with long preparation… This discourages even the enthusiast. So when and how to start? We say NOW and gradually!

Put an end to unrealistic plans and embark with Powerlogy on a delicious and nutritious journey to a healthy life. With our nutritious drinks you can count on:

  • fast preparation and practical use
  • a dose of quality energy and nutrition in the purest form
  • 100% natural ingredients with no gluten, refined sugar or artificial ingredients
  • all underlined by exceptional taste

Where to start? We recommend:

  • Powerlogy Organic Cacao with MCT oil. A great source of morning energy without sugar and with minimal caffeine.
  • Smoothies have become a breakfast favourite. Build your breakfast on quality protein and add natural cashew cream. Sweet taste yet contains no added sugar!
  • Coffee with MCT oil and butter or ghee butter – this is how professional footballer Patrik Le Giang starts his day. Training-non-training, Power Coffee keeps him strong all morning.

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