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It doesn’t matter if you are a young student, parent, lawyer, manager, entrepreneur or athlete… One thing is clear! You are not satisfied with the status quo and you realize that health and performance directly depend on the quality of your lifestyle. However, you know very well that the path to self-improvement is sometimes really difficult. It also takes many years for many people to understand the key principles of body nutrition and personality training to the point of finding an individualized guide to a state of high energy and realization of their own potential.

My name is Dušan Plichta, I am a biohacker, an adventurer and an innovator at heart.

I founded Powerlogy with a vision to bring to Slovakia and the Czech Republic progressive tools and products of biohacking to strengthen health and support the energy of the body and mind. At Powerlogy, we believe in educational marketing and, in particular, that all recommendations and products are tested in the functional context of an individualized lifestyle. The definition of biohacking is based on a systemic approach and taking control of one’s own energy, performance and health. Biohackers are people who think analytically and critically and learn from their own experiments and experiences. Biohackers do not blindly follow different authorities, but apply critical thinking and focus on constantly searching for and evaluating the cause and effect. Since there is never a single cause, the main goal of a biohacker is to create a system that creates order out of chaos.


All information I publish is not intended as medical advice for diagnosis and treatment. As an author, I do not take responsibility for your results. None of the information on this blog replaces your relationship and collaboration with a qualified / certified doctor. All recommendations and inspirations on this blog are communicated with the best of intentions and based on our own experimentation and search for causality and practical context. Average recommendations of the type: “Everything in moderation” are for average people! I focus on innovation, efficiency and the selection of unique issues that are most likely to contribute to the realization of your physical and mental potential. However, the responsibility for correct interpretation and application remains with each of you individually! My path is not the only one and no one pushes any dogmas into you that it has to be 100% in only one way. Think critically, test and evaluate what suits you… If my inspirations help you, I will be happy, but if you have a different opinion and knowledge, feel free to write them to me. I like to study them and also think critically about my own improvement.

Power Up Your Day – Power Up your Life

I myself at one time disregarded lifestyle and worked according to well-known recommendations. Although I have never had a problem with being overweight due to sports, dancing and constant movement, I have often struggled with exhaustion, general fatigue and weakened regeneration. Not to mention the mental fog, when you don’t want anything and every activity you should do seems to you to be useless…

Yes, these were also the results of my non-optimized lifestyle and blind following of non-optimal fitness trends.

I don’t know about you, but I’m fascinated by knowledge, and I’m most happy to find out the real cause and effect of things. I simply realized that with what energy I live one day, I actually live my whole life. I stopped enjoying the average life and the constant complaints about something not being possible, which I perceived in my surroundings and still feel in our society today. Therefore, a few years ago, I embarked on the path of experimentation and gradually tried all possible directions, whether it was a classic fitness low-fat approach, Mediterranean cuisine or a modern paleo. There are more than enough of these directions and it is very likely that you have already encountered various best recommendations, such as ketogenic diet, raw diet, 5-element diet (Chinese medicine) or Ayurveda…

Basics and noticing connections are the most important

The easiest way would be to join a certain style and push a guaranteed theory into you. However, that is not our goal. Why? Because everyone is different in their own way and the most important thing in life is context. It very much depends on the current state of your metabolism and the gradual adaptation to the style or practice that will work for you. Most importantly you must feel convinced you are doing the right thing.

Pareto rule: the key 20% of causes produce 80% of results!

That is why in Powerlogy we adhere to the principles of modern science and  biohacking, while we want to reveal the most effective 20% of the stimuli of our lifestyle, which will bring us at least 80% of the desired results. The goal is not quantity, but quality. And especially the gradual adjustment of your own autopilot for optimal health and high performance. For example, it is better to think about the quality of the diet and the type of calories instead of the quantity and calculation of energy values. Our goal is education in the field of life management, which will enable you to develop your own potential. It includes a healthy body, mind and enough energy to enjoy life at work and in private life. It is not only a diet or supplements, but also suitable and sufficient movement and proper regeneration not only for the muscles, but also for the brain and soul.

What do you gain by reading our articles?

If you are not open to new things, then nothing! As in situations where, as people, we sometimes are wrong and still try to prove our own truth. However, if we approach things with an open mind and are not afraid to experiment responsibly, I am sure that in many cases we will get great results. And often within 2 weeks. In addition, by studying and connecting contexts, we want to build knowledge and the ability to orient ourselves in life together. In this way, we can inspire our surroundings, family, friends and acquaintances. Of course, at first others can laugh and undermine us. But if we overcome it and stand firmly behind our vision of continuous improvement, we will very quickly turn them over to different thinking.

Práve vďaka poznatkom, ako môžeme zlepšIť svoju životosprávu, získavame najväčšie bohatstvo, ktoré nás podrží aj v ťažkých časoch.

Join the community of progressive “POWER PEOPLE” who, thanks to the application of selected recommendations, have significantly improved their productivity, strengthened their health and started to fulfill their potential in life. Become a leader for your surroundings and expand the ideas of self-knowledge and improvement to realize your potential.

So where is the best place to start?

As in other areas, with the basics. The systematic approach and the sequence of steps are always the most important in this case! That is why we recommend the gradual application of a new lifestyle and a change in habits.

  • Download and study the 12-page e-bookTop 10 Principles of Effective Lifestyle, where you will find the most important rules you need to turn into habits. You can also subscribe to our Newsletter for a regular supply of news from the world of biohackers and lovers of quality food.
  • Watch a video on YouTube about our approach to breakfast. For a better orientation in the proportions and quality of macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats) and our recommendation for the effective purchase of real food and valuable ingredients, see, remember these tables and most importantly, use them!
  • Try our delicious coffee in the morning or 3 quick and easy recipes with a new approach to breakfast. Or this tip for delicious almond pancakes.
  • Read at least 3 recommended articles from the category of lifestyle or biohacking and find out why honest cow’s butter can be more nutritious and a sweet banana.

Be honest with yourself and don’t be afraid to experiment. Evaluate the feedback given to you by your body and especially your brain every 2 weeks. Let’s think about it. What if it all starts with proper brain nutrition? What if it’s not just the physical, but especially the mental setting, emotions and proper functioning of the hormonal and nervous system…

Join the active and inspiring people who care about how to support the optimal functioning of their body, mind and spirit so that they can carry out their projects, learn from life and have a positive impact on their surroundings. The best part is that even though it sometimes seems to you that you are “different” with your vision and yourself, it may not be like that at all. There are more of us like that.

Would you believe that your posts, sharing, comments and feedback can also change someone’s life for the better? I do.

Every week can be a step forward

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