A balanced breakfast and healthy snacks to give you energy in the morning.

Breakfast is the most important! It’s the first meal of the day and can affect how we feel throughout the day. At Powerlogy, our passion is a progressive lifestyle, but it has to taste good. We want to contribute to changing the nutrition of children and families in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and show tasty and functional alternatives. Start gradually – and improve each meal throughout the day. Like the first breakfast.

A large part of the Powerlogy food is therefore suitable for consumption in the morning or between main meals – the so-called snacks. Whether it’s bulletproof coffee with ghee (clarified butter) and MCT oil, crunchy granola, your favourite nut butters and creams – nougat, cashew, almond or chocolate bars.

In addition, Powerlogy foods are formulated to suit a variety of eating styles such as vegan, low-carb and keto diets.

Gluten-free granola bowl as inspiration for a better breakfast and comprehensive nutrition – prepare a comprehensive breakfast bowl based on whole milk yogurt (probiotics and protein), gluten-free granola (slow carbs, protein and prebiotic fiber), berries (vitamins, minerals and polyphenols) and nut butters (quality fats, minerals, fiber and vitamins for the brain).

With this kind of breakfast, you don’t have to compromise between healthiness (functionality) and taste at all. The trick is that the brain only likes sugars and fats. However, if you choose healthy fats and slow sugars from fruit or select gluten-free carbs like rice, buckwheat or quinoa flakes, you’re in business.

If you want to remember an important practical principle, start replacing fast sugars with slow ones in your diet and address the issue of satiety and taste by choosing healthy fats.

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